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Get movie stream by IMDB or TMDb ID

VideoSpider crawls various websites and search engines to find movie and TV episode streaming links which are then stored into our database and served to you through our API service.

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New updates + Dooplay & Psyplay integration

We released integration files for Dooplay 2.4 and Psyplay 1.2.5. Get them here.
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The infinite web of movies and episodes

VideoSpider is a bot constantly crawling through many websites and search engines looking for streaming links. These links are then stored into our database and linked to unique identifiers - IMDB and TMDb ID.
Our database contains more than 1121700 video sources linked to IMDB & TMDb ids.
You can choose from up to 20 video servers.

No dead links, no removed videos!
If broken or removed links are found, VideoSpider immediately searches for new links.